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Human Givens

The human is uniquely intelligent - innately creative and developmentally capable of many things.

However, we have needs that must be met if we are to function optimally (to our potential) - these needs concern the spiritual, vocational, volitional, mental, emotional, psychological, social, physical and financial/ material dimensions of life.

We experience ill-health, impaired development and loss in personal effectiveness when these needs are not appropriately satisfied and expressed.

Through the development and intelligent use of our personal skills and resources, we enable ourselves to flourish and to handle with increasing effectiveness the circumstances of life.


Takes place in mentally and socially stimulating, emotionally safe learning environments that appeal to the whole person - our human givens and the human experience.

Involves an appreciation of how learning takes place; takes into consideration the state of mind and motivation of the learner and various learning styles and needs, methods, media and educational techniques.

Is challenging, practical, empowering, differentiated, relevant to the life experiences of learners and enjoyable.

Challenges learners intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually - appealing to their inherent need and ability to know, understand, apply, change, grow, to relate to others and to go beyond their known potential.

Has clear learning outcomes that are learner SMART and celebrated once achieved.