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Olive Projects are empowering learner SMART talks, courses, workshops, seminars and conferences, designed and delivered to stimulate learning, enjoyment, positive action and personal change. Olive Projects seek to awaken affection; to nurture emotional resilience, positive coping, future-mindedness and hope; to foster healthy views about life, about self and about others; to encourage meaningful engagement, contribution to the greater good and other-mindedness.

Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound is a stimulating, pro-social skills development training programme that fosters positive behaviours and healthy habits of thinking and relating in children aged 8-11.

Be Your Best: Youth Coaching

Be Your Best, youth coaching programme helps young people develop their present ability, quality of life and vision of their future and is premised on the belief that the potential of youth is realised and maximised through an adult supported process of learning and change.

Tactics: Wisdom from the Beautiful Game

Tactics is a personal effectiveness seminar series that uses footballing analogies to explore life-management tactics, approaches, ideas and skills for the game of life.

Parent Talk: Nurturing Children's Emotional Health and Resilience

Parent Talk uses solutions orientated discourse between parents to support parents in having a positive influence on the psychological health and emotional resilience and futures of their children.

Youth Talk: Skills for Life and Health

Youth Talk is a skills for life and health programme that introduces young people to the social, emotional and cognitive skills involved in effectively navigating their social world. Youth Talk explores the skills to successfully negotiate the salient tasks and the common person-environment transactions and transitions of adolescence.

Family Talk: Fostering Family Life and Health

Family Talk explores with family groups the prosocial behaviours involved in healthy and productive parent-child transactions and interactions within home and family.

Hope: Resilience Education

Hope is a strengths-based course that introduces individuals to the skills, processes and behaviours required to achieve good outcomes despite limited life chances and adverse circumstances, by helping them discover and utilise their personal power to generate pathways towards their goals.

Nurture: Fostering Emotional Health

Nurture is an empowering, human givens health education course that puts optimum physical, emotional and mental health into the hands of the individual. Nurture helps individuals to better understand the workings of the human body and mind and to make simple lifestyle changes that support optimum physical, emotional and mental health.

Bespoke Projects - Examples

Ready and Willing: motivating children
  • Losing It: an anger management course for adult males
  • Going 4 It: an enterprise education course for BME adults
  • Hope Now: a resilience education course for women in prison
  • Hi and Bye, Loss and Change - implications for children and their parents
  • What Now... What Next? supporting Looked After Children with their futures
  • Stressed: an emotional health tips course for parents of school-aged children